SMC Market Forecast - 13th June

Hi everyone, welcome to todays SMC forecast for EU, enjoy!

Daily Timeframe

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Eu continues the downside intention from the banks - after what was beginning to look like a pullback we can see we hit a level of supply, after re aligning with the HTF orderflow EU melted late in the previous week, giving us the impression that the lows are about to be taken - maybe not before a slight reaction to demand to first induce some more buy side liquidity however, the probability is; is that those lows will be ran.

4hr Timeframe

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After EU hit our POI it gave us a nice OF re - alignement. It then came back to mitigate, started ranging which we know is for the purpose of liquidity inducement & right as news comes out (the illusory smoke screen to be able to manipulate price) we sweep the buy side liqudity and sell off heavily back in the overall expectational orderflow direction.

Mindset Monday

"This is the casino, be the house"

Look at these markets similar to that of a casino in the fact that most people lose and the real winner is the market itself, to understand the market as an entity, think of it more about who controls the entity - the central banks.
Smart Money Trading is a direct understanding of how to position yourself in alignment with the banks. Rest assured that you are aligning yourself with the banks - Play out your edge and let the numbers take care of themselves.

Have a great trading week Prosperity Family!

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