SMC Market Forecast - 15th June

Hi everyone, welcome to todays SMC forecast for EU, enjoy!

Daily Timeframe

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Following on from monday you can see that our demand level has produced a tradable reaction as forecasted.

4hr Timeframe

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As a result of current price action we will now be looking for longs that meet our plan.

Wealthy Wednesday

As smart money traders this also gives us the capacity to be smart money investors - What is a smart money investor? An investor who gets into the market before everyone else and gets out before everyone else, having secured profits before the inevitable crash.

How does our ability to trade smart money do this? Lets use the current crypto market as an example; As smart money traders here at prosperity academy, we collectively exited the market in october of 2021 based on what the markets clearly showed us was coming next.

Whilst retail investors were hoping it would just be a dip and the market would never crash - this was illusory thinking - we began seeking out areas of the market that price was likely to return too and put our already realised profits into new buy orders at lower prices, thus increasing the asset holdings.

Once again, while everyone was "buying the dip" that kept on dipping we have been patiently sat on our hands waiting for our price targets to be met, avoiding all of the emotional and financial terrors which 95% of other investors have experienced.

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- Prosperity Academy Team