Smart Money Market Analysis - June 20th

Hi everyone, welcome to todays SMC forecast for EU, enjoy!

Daily Timeframe

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As we enter the new week it is clear that last weeks analysis is playing out exactly how we said it would, providing possible setups from the level of demand that caused our internal BOS.
The failure to take that low in this attempt tells us that the internal high is weak and we are likely to retrace further up the swing leg.

4hr Timeframe

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As we zoom into the fractal to the H4 we see the shift of market control occur inside of the daily demand that we mentioned last week, this tells us we are heading to take the H4 highs - The lines represent 1 of many possible paths for price to take - it could also just continue up from here and this is why we say "react don't predict".

Last Weeks Newsletter: Analysis To Perfection

This is a clear indication of how powerful smart money trading can be.

Mindset Monday

"Patience pays" as demonstrated to our signal room which is 15.5% up over the two weeks with only 3 trades taken. Patience is a form of abundance underrated by many, patience does not mean to sit around and wait - it means to do what needs doing in the short term while having patience for "when" it happens. Patience is the understanding of infinity and therefore it does not need to be forced or chased. This is a metaphor of life and trading; allow the market to come to you, do not chase it.

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