Smart Money Market Analysis - June 30th

Hi everyone, welcome to todays SMC forecast for EU, enjoy!

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Daily Timeframe

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Nothing to say other than price played out exactly as was most probable and as said over the duration of the 3 weeks we have been going with this analysis.

Price taps our H4 POI and runs all the liquidity into the reaction poin that caused CHoCH.

4hr Timeframe

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As called in previous newsletter price sweeps into our POI and begins the probable sell off we expected as we had all of the sell side liquidity just sat there - We now enter the POI that caused a CHoCH on the H4 and here are the possible scenarios that we would expect, it is not clear if price will now take the lows or continue higher before the eventual sell off, likely take the lows now but cannot be too sure and this is why we trade the intraday reactions.

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