Smart Money Market Analysis - July 7th

Hi everyone, welcome to todays SMC forecast for EU, enjoy!

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Daily Timeframe

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Another spot on newsletter... Thus far everything that has been shared here as played out in exactly the way we have delivered it, take a moment to think about that.

Now the lows have gone and so too have the weekly lows, it is likeley we will see some sort of mid term pull back, when is not certai but once we see the H4 shift we can play it, until the likely re alignment and further sell offs at later dates. Since december I have anticipated a 0.90 Eur/Usd

4hr Timeframe

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So price reacted from one of the buy 2 sell levels we had marked out, trend then realigned with the internal break of structure which led to the supply chain of abundant opportunites to short Eur/Usd into those swing lows reaping large RR setups.

Now we are in no mands land we allow price to develop itself into a readable narrative. Patience Pays.

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