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Join more than 100+ students and start winning trades with our predictable and stress free system within 30 days! *Also works with small and funded accounts.
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Who Should Join?

- Traders who are struggling to find consistent profitability in the forex markets.
- Traders who are finding some success but want to refine their edge with a proven and predictable approach.
- Traders who are tired of looking at charts all day and want to eliminate stress/anxiety. 

What's included?

1. Secrets of Trading With The Banks PDF

The Secrets of Trading With The Banks PDF is a condensed version of our Smart Money Trading Course - focused on providing you with a blueprint for our Smart Money Trading Strategy.

Both the PDF and Course reveal a step-by-step approach to assembling a profitable trading plan by exploring smart money trading mechanics and sequentially combining them one-by-one.

Students will learn how to trade like institutions and move away from Retail Trading

The curriculum is delivered through a combination of text and images, allowing you to study at your own pace.

2.   2 Weeks of Gold Access to our Premium Partnered Discord Community Run by Funded Traders

Did you know that 85% of traders quit because they are too stressed?

This is why we've setup a premium Discord community where you will have the ability to learn from funded traders who have been through the same trading and psychological challenges that you're currently facing.

This Discord community will feature weekly market breakdowns, analysis screenshots and discussions with others traders on who are on the Smart Money trading journey.

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Success Stories

These are the achievements of our students! Some of them started from zero and with very small accounts (below 5k). Once they switched from Retail Trading to Smart Money Trading using our methods, they achieved financial freedom.


We are including 3 extra bonuses for FREE with the Smart Money Strategy PDF, you will also receive:

1) Paid Advancement Opportunities

Students who stand out by demonstrating profitable results and a positive contribution to the community will have the ability to apply for paid junior mentor positions within the community.

2) Free Weekly Market Breakdown Videos

Every Monday morning, you'll wake up to a full market breakdown video from one of our funded trading mentors; allowing you to compare your weekly watchlist with a profitable trader.

3) Access To Exclusive Coaching Programs

Once inside our premium trading support community, you will have the ability to apply for a limited spot within our exclusive funding accelerator program.

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Feedback From The Community

We have helped 1100 students already!! This is just the beginning. Our goal is to help 10,000 traders by the end of 2022! These are some reviews from the community!
Make sure to check out our Wall of Student Success to see more results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Prosperity Academy Unique In Forex Education?

Prosperity Academy is unique because of its high quality course design, engaged and interactive team and our unique mission.

The Prosperity Academy education is straight to the point with no wasted time. We respect time as one of the most valuable assets our students have so we deliver our content in a way that aligns with this ethos.

What Skill Level Is Prosperity Academy Suited For?

Prosperity Academy provides a learning experience suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders.

Content has been categorized to provide different information based on different levels of market knowledge and experience.

Who has Prosperity Academy Been Designed For?

New or experienced retail traders who are searching for a more competitive trading skillset & market analysis philosophy.

Prosperity Academy is also suitable for Smart Money Concept Traders who are seeking a more detailed educational experience than what was previously available on the market.

Does Prosperity Academy Teach Trading Strategies?

Prosperity Academy provides detailed education on how to execute multiple variations of our Smart Money trading techniques.

We use tools such as case studies, data analysis, backtesting sessions and live mentoring calls to share our trading strategies.

Get Your Financial Freedom Risk Free

For a limited time only, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee for 14 days if this program does not suit you.

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